Tell it to my heart Akordy

Taylor Dane

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Akordy publikoval: Rades

EmiI feel the Dnight explode Hmiwhen we're togCether. D EmiEmotion oDverload Hmiin the heat of Cpleasure. Take me I'm yours Dinto your arms. EmiNever Dlet me Cgo. AmiTonight I really need to Hknow. Ref: Tell it to my Cheart. Tell me I'm the Donly one. Is this really Emilove or just a Cgame? Tell it to my Amiheart. I can feel my Dbody rock every Htime you call my Cname. D EmiThe passion's Dso complete. HmiIt's neverCending. D EmiAs long as DI receive, Hmithe message you're Csending. Body to body, Dsoul to soul, Emialways Dfeel you Cnear. AmiSo say the words I long to Hhear. Ref. CLove, love on the Drun, breaking us dHmiown, Though we keep holding oEmine. I Cdon't want to Dlose, no EmiI can't let you Hgo. Ref.
I feel the night explode when we're together. Emotion overload in the heat of pleasure. Take me I'm yours into your arms. Never let me go. Tonight I really need to know. Ref: Tell it to my heart. Tell me I'm the only one. Is this really love or just a game? Tell it to my heart. I can feel my body rock every time you call my name. The passion's so complete. It's neverending. As long as I receive, the message you're sending. Body to body, soul to soul, always feel you near. So say the words I long to hear. Ref. Love, love on the run, breaking us down, Though we keep holding one. I don't want to lose, no I can't let you go. Ref.