Back for Good Akordy

Take That


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Akordy publikoval: Funmen

EF#mAH EI GuessF#m now it's Atime Hfor me to give Eup F#m I feel it's AtimeH Got a Epicture of you besF#mide me Got a Alipstick mark still Hon your coffe EcupF#m Oh AyeahH Got a Efist of pure emF#motion Got a Ahead of shattered Hdreams Gotta lC#meave it, gottaC#m/H leave it all Abehind nowH CHORUS: EWhatever I said, F#mwhatever I did I didn't Amean it I just Hwant you back for Egood Want you F#mback, want you Aback, want you back for Hgood WhenEever I'm wrong F#mjust tell me the song and I'll Asing it You'll be Hright and underEstood Want you backF#m, want you backA for Hgood EUnawarF#me but underAlined HI figured The Estory , no , F#mno It wantA good , no , Hno But in the Ecorner of my F#mmind I BCelebrated gloEryF#m But that Awas not to Hbe In the Etwist of sepaF#mration you AExcelled at being Hfree Can't you C#mfind, can't you find a little C#m/Hroom inside for AmeH CHORUS A7 And we'll be E/G#together, A7 this time is forE/G#ever F#mWe'll be fighting and forE/G#ever we will be So compC#mlete in our C#m/Hlove We will A7 never be uncovered Hagain CHORUS
I Guess now it's time for me to give up I feel it's time Got a picture of you beside me Got a lipstick mark still on your coffe cup Oh yeah Got a fist of pure emotion Got a head of shattered dreams Gotta leave it, gotta leave it all behind now CHORUS: Whatever I said, whatever I did I didn't mean it I just want you back for good Want you back, want you back, want you back for good Whenever I'm wrong just tell me the song and I'll sing it You'll be right and understood Want you back, want you back for good Unaware but underlined I figured The story , no , no It want good , no , no But in the corner of my mind I Celebrated glory But that was not to be In the twist of separation you Excelled at being free Can't you find, can't you find a little room inside for me CHORUS And we'll be together, this time is forever We'll be fighting and forever we will be So complete in our love We will never be uncovered again CHORUS