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  • Don't Play Your Rock'n'roll To Me

    Intro: R: Don't play your rock'n'roll to me That ain't the way it's ment to be I ain't so blind that I can't see Just let it…


  • For A Few Dollars More

    Rich girl, she buys her dreams It's a rich world, behind the scenes Green eyes, they tell it all The more she takes, the…


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  • Have You Ever Seen The Rain

    intro: Someone told me long ago, there's a calm before the storm, I know and it's been coming for some time. When it's…

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  • If You Think You Know How To Love Me

    Breathless drive on a downtown street Motorbike ride in the midday heat Dust and harm from the desert skies run oh we'd run it…


  • Living Next Door To Alice

    Sally called, when she got the word, She said "I suppose you've heard about Alice." Well, I rushed to the window, and I looked…


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