Butterfly fly away Akordy

Miley Cyrus

Hodnocení: 3.5

(Hodnoceno: 4x)

Akordy publikoval: Naďa Vilgošová

You Btucked me in, Turned F#out the lights, EKept me safe and BSound at night BLittle girls, deF#pend on things like Ethat. F# You Bbrushed my teeth, and F# combed my hair, EHad to drive me, BEverywhere. BYou were always F#There when I looked Eback. F# You had to Edo it all aBlone, Make a Eliving, make a Bhome. It Emust've been, as Bhard As it could F#be. And when I Ecouldn't sleep at Bnight, Scared things Ewouldn't turn out Bright, EYou would hold my Bhand And sing to F#me. BCaterpillar, F#in the tree, EHow you wonder, F#who you'll be, BCan't go far, but F#you can always Edream. F# BWish you may, and F#wish you might, EDon't you worry, Bhold on tight, I Bpromise you, F#there will come a Eday, F#Butterfly fly aBway. F#Butterfly fly aBway, EGot your wings, now F#you can't stay, BTake your dreams and F#make them all come Etrue. F#Butterfly fly aBway, EWe've been waiting, F#for this day, BAll along, we've F#known just what to Edo, BButterfly, F#Butterfly, EButterfly fly aBway. X3
You tucked me in, Turned out the lights, Kept me safe and Sound at night Little girls, depend on things like that. You brushed my teeth, and combed my hair, Had to drive me, Everywhere. You were always There when I looked back. You had to do it all alone, Make a living, make a home. It must've been, as hard As it could be. And when I couldn't sleep at night, Scared things wouldn't turn out right, You would hold my hand And sing to me. Caterpillar, in the tree, How you wonder, who you'll be, Can't go far, but you can always dream. Wish you may, and wish you might, Don't you worry, hold on tight, I promise you, there will come a day, Butterfly fly away. Butterfly fly away, Got your wings, now you can't stay, Take your dreams and make them all come true. Butterfly fly away, We've been waiting, for this day, All along, we've known just what to do, Butterfly, Butterfly, Butterfly fly away. X3