I'm Old Fashioned Akordy

Jerome Kern


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Akordy publikoval: BuBák

Dmaj7I am not such a Edimclever one Dm7About the latest G7fads Cmaj7I admit I was Ddimnever one Dm7Adored by local G7lads Cmaj7Not that I ever try to be a F#m7b5saintH7 Cmaj7Im the type that they Ddimclassify as G7quaint Cmaj7I'm Am7 old Dm7fashionedG7 I Cmaj7loAm7ve the Dm7moonlightG7 I Cmaj7love the old fashioned Hm7b5thingsE7 The Am7sound of D13rain UAm7pon a window D7pane The Dm7starry Em7song that F6apF#7ril G7sus4singsG7 Cmaj7This Am7years Dm7fanciesG7 Are Cmaj7passing F#m7b5fanciesH7 But Emaj7sighing F#m7sighs G#m7holding Amaj7hands H7These my C#m7heart Dm7underG7stands I know Im old fashioned But I don't mind it That's Gmhow I C7want to F#m7b5beFm6 As Em7long as Am7you D13agree To Cmaj7stay Am7old Dm7fashionedG7 with Cmaj7me --- F#m7b5 2x221x D13 xx0402
I am not such a clever one About the latest fads I admit I was never one Adored by local lads Not that I ever try to be a saint Im the type that they classify as quaint I'm old fashioned I love the moonlight I love the old fashioned things The sound of rain Upon a window pane The starry song that april sings This years fancies Are passing fancies But sighing sighs holding hands These my heart understands I know Im old fashioned But I don't mind it That's how I want to be As long as you agree To stay old fashioned with me - F#m7b5 2x221x D13 xx0402