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Akordy publikoval: Kity

EI F#milove G#miyou-F#mi 'cos you tell me things I Ewant to know EAnd F#miit's G#mitrue-F#mi that it really only Egoes to show G#7that I know that C#miI I I I would Aminever never never be F#blueH ENow F#miyou're G#mimineF#mi my happiness near Emakes me cry EAnd F#miin G#mitimeF#mi you'll understand the Ereason why G#7that I cry it's C#minot because I'm sad But you're the Amionly love that I've ever Ehad Eaug4 I can't beAlieve H it happened to E me Eaug4 I can't conAceive H of any more Emisery EAsk F#mime G#miwhy I say I Alove you And I'm G#mialways thinking of Ayou E Ayou E, AyouE Eaug4: 032110
I love you- 'cos you tell me things I want to know And it's true- that it really only goes to show that I know that I I I I would never never never be blue Now you're mine my happiness near makes me cry And in time you'll understand the reason why that I cry it's not because I'm sad But you're the only love that I've ever had I can't believe it happened to me I can't conceive of any more misery Ask me why I say I love you And I'm always thinking of you you , you Eaug4: 032110